Brutalism live feat. Joreng Boi, Tangram, Dornen, Mariami, Måtyrer

In the organizer's words:

21:00 I Party I 💿 JAKI

Ambient session from 21:00 with subsequent club night from 23:00

Line-up ambient session
Thorns (live)
Joreng Boi (live)
Tangram (live)

Club night

The Brutalism label, which has been operating at the interface between pop, club culture and electro-acoustic music since 2015, presents three immersive experimental live sets with Joreng Boi, Tangram and Dornen as part of its concert series on sound-based brutalism. The club night begins directly after the session.

Cologne-based Korean artist Joreng Boi is a sound designer and multidisciplinary artist. Joreng produces soundtracks and post-production mixes for documentary and animated films and performs on live stages in theater spaces and contemporary dance spaces. Joreng has just released her debut "Closed Circle" on hundertrecords.

As a producer, Tangram can be heard on Svreca's Semantica Records and his own imprints Purify Records and tsp.rec, where he demonstrates his unique ability to create immersive and hypnotic sonic journeys suitable for both dance floor and home listening. He circulates between aggressive synth lines and smooth ambient soundscapes.

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JAKI Venloer Str. 40 50672 Köln

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