PHOTO: © Ivan Kravtsov, 2023

Bucket List

In the organizer's words:
What do you absolutely want to have done? What can't be missed? What is simply part of life? On a "bucket list" you note things you want to have done "before kicking the bucket", i.e. before you kick the bucket. After all, you don't want to have lived past life! This is not just about personal life goals, but also about having been there: That new travel destination that everyone's talking about? Was already there! The new sport that everyone is trying out? I already know it! One remains among oneself in this dazzling world full of opportunities and amenities. Without privileges, the world would be a scary place! That's why paradise must be protected from the outside world, must seal itself off. Who has a "bucket list"? Happy, young, good-looking people! Free time is great. Especially convenient: they can all afford a volatile moral compass. So even an enticing lifestyle is not free of conflict-laden constellations: jealousy and emotional drama poison even the most beautiful retreat. Does the vacation beach become a nightmare? Even carefree wealth can lead to claustrophobic confinement. What are these torn people capable of?
In her musical "Bucket List" Yael Ronen draws a tableau of eccentric characters. In the process, the satire also gains reconciliatory and humorous perspectives from the figures. As a play development, the new evening is created together with the ensemble and the songwriter Shlomi Shaban.
Yael Ronen, born in Jerusalem in 1976, is one of Israel's most important theater makers. She has worked equally in Germany for many years. Ronen studied scenic writing at HB Studio in New York and directing at Seminar Hakibbutzim in Tel Aviv. At the Schaubühne, Yael Ronen first showed her plays developed in Israel at FIND. Together with the ensemble as well as with Palestinian and Israeli actors, she presented the works "Third Generation" (2009) and "The Day Before the Last Day" (2011) at the Schaubühne. Now she returns to the Schaubühne to develop theater evenings with the ensemble on a regular basis. This content has been machine translated.


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