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Captain Planet released their new fifth album "Come On, Cat" on time penalty on 08.09.2023 and are going on tour with it.

Captain Planet is a special band. A band that you don't forget, even if you don't hear from them for a while. The last album "An End" was released 7 years ago, and the last concert was in February 2020. It is the definition of a favorite band that accompanies, stays, likes to be quiet sometimes, and then gently breaks your heart with new music and new lyrics when the time comes, while at the same time telling you It goes on. Somehow. Must. whispers in your ear.

With the 11 new songs, the five guys from Hamburg are probably closer to the here and now than they have ever been. Sentences like "We've all been down for the count for years" (Halley) express what many feel: The last few years, all the often overwhelming shit: happy days just look insanely different. It's all about "those who can't stand themselves anymore either", because Captain Planet's view is never just outward. Flat zeitgeist is still alien to the band. The lyrics are, as always, clever, highly personal and take you where it hurts.

Musically, "Come On, Cat" is energetic, melodic emo-punk that has been in its own league in Germany since the band was formed in 2003. We're sorry, but you have to be allowed to say it. Of course, there are the euphoric finger-pointing parts, in which after 20 years still no phrases are threshed, the right, unpleasant questions are asked and in all likelihood it will not be easy listening: "You never look back. Because there is nothing. Everything lost unnoticed" (Half so hard). Infectious hooks, the most condensed, compressed Captain Planet album to date, in which it is not so easy to pick out the hits, because somehow there are no songs that are not.

Captain Planet will not climb the German punk Olympus in this country with their fifth album. They didn't start out for that either. This band is with itself, is not a scene figure. And yet: Few bands cause such excitement and enthusiasm among their friends (don't say fans) when something new happens. Come on the tour and see for yourself - if you don't like to stand out, maybe you should cram all the lyrics of the band's history beforehand, because it's always been about "Screaming at the top of your lungs. Up here. With all of us." (Word on the Bridge, 2007). Nevertheless, please don't expect a "we" feeling, because that's still not here.

The "Come On, Cat" pre-order and the pre-sale for the new live dates start on 04.07.2023 at Zeitstrafe at

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