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Spoken word Comedy Bühnenkunst Bühnenkunst & Theater
In the organizer's words:

Book: Mirko Bott, Mark Needham and Heiko Wohlgemuth
Director: Corny Littmann
It plays Tim Koller
For many years CAVEMAN Tom has been analyzing relationship life - the heterosexual one - on numerous theater stages. So it's high time to finally let his gay counterpart have his say: the CAVEQUEEN!
Sven wakes up one morning in front of his front door - as God created him and totally confused. He can't remember the debauchery of his birthday the night before and why his jealous friend Bruno threw him out the door. Now, of all times, when he has just turned forty - or, according to gay chronology: seemingly dead! While Bruno is still bitching and best friend Heike wouldn't dream of interrupting her shopping trip for Sven's problems, the latter has enough time to think about whether his gay life is just a little evolutionary joke or a blessing for mankind. The answer comes promptly: Sven meets a gay ancestor from the Stone Age, the CAVEQUEEN! A momentous encounter, because the sympathetic caveman holds some insights ready: How did homosexuality actually originate, when was there the first sex among guys and is a gay relationship really so different from that of straight people?
In typical gay chatty mood and with a large portion of wit and curiosity, Sven lets us share his sunny disposition, experiences in dark bars, the realization that even men on passenger seats can't read road maps, he explains why an all-gay army would secure world peace and what a "Gabi" is ...
A co-production of Schmidts TIVOLI GmbH and Theater Mogul GmbH.
Performance rights: Theater Mogul GmbH

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Schmidt Theater Spielbudenplatz 24-25 20359 Hamburg

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