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In the tenth year of their band's existence, delayed by personnel problems and a new line-up, the Munich old school death band DAISY CUTTER are releasing their self-titled debut album this year. With its 9 songs, the longplayer offers neck muscle training enthusiasts a 43-minute exercise session that leaves nothing to be desired. The songs, characterized by the HM-2 sound, saw their way through the ear canals and should put a smile on the face of every old school death metal fan.
On stage, the combo presents itself as a four-piece. Frontman and guitarist Thorsten growls the lyrics, which are written by the fifth member Kristen, the band's author. He is joined by bassist and backing vocalist Florian, riff-machine Manuel and drummer Peter, who recently joined the band.
On 08.03.2024 the release of the debut album will be celebrated at Sunny Red in Munich. (Source: band info)

VOR DIE HUNDE are four businessmen from the future who use the knowledge gained there to make a lot of money in the present with the surefire business model of a grindcore band. Cleverly wrapped in an anti-capitalist guise to feign the fight against capital in Che Guevara style, cheaply produced compositions are blasted through orbit with the aid of sophisticated mass production and the power of the latest computer technology. Admittedly, some stylistic elements such as sound and brutality have been maliciously stolen from the Swedish death metal of the 90s or other pioneers of electric guitar music. Overall, however, the focus is on maximizing customer satisfaction as well as sales and customer lifetime value in the here and now with the most innovative marketing methods.
VOR DIE HUNDE - the anti-commercial turbo capitalists for only 20€ per record in the seasonal SALE! (Source: Bandinfo)

AMONG RATS: Oldschool death metal and grindcore merge into a brute experience on stage. The Austrian metal band AMONG RATS has become an unstoppable force in the international music scene since its foundation in Upper Austria in 2009.
With a unique mix of old school death metal and grindcore influences, they have built a reputation for their raw energy and versatile style. AMONG RATS are proof that true passion for music knows no boundaries and that their message, embedded in hard sounds and thrilling live performances, reaches people worldwide. (Source: Bandinfo)

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Sunny Red Hansastraße 41 81373 München

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