PHOTO: © Hans-Jürgen Hannemann

Chaos Royal: IMPROTANIA – das Spiel um die Krone

In the organizer's words:

Week after week, Chaos Royal creates a unique theater show right before the eyes of the audience that will never happen again. Because everything is completely improvised. The audience's suggestions are the inspiration, and the players spontaneously create characters, scenes and songs - even entire dramas.

In Improtania, the realm of good entertainment, chaos reigns, because the king is dead... He died of boredom, and now the people are also starving and thirsting for refreshing entertainment.

There are three contenders for the coveted throne. In the competition for the most humorous scenes, the most poetic songs and the most poignant stories, the players of Chaos Royal are diced as valiant knights through the landscape of Improtania and collect points for their pretenders to the throne/prince by means of the event fields of the board game, in which they refresh the people with the finest improvisation theater.

Of course, the audience decides what they like, votes and actively helps with ideas, guidelines and inspiration. Whoever can collect the most points at the end of the evening will provide the new majesty of Improtania, and this will not only win fame and honor, but also a truly royal prize.

Let the interactive games begin!

Konstanze Kromer, Tobias Wollschläger and Josefine Heidt take turns playing and moderating, musically accompanied by Uwe Matschke. Improtania was illustrated and programmed by Oliver Döhring.

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BKA Theater Mehringdamm 34 10961 Berlin