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Chat with your own data

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"Chat with your own data" is a technical event aimed at startups and experts from different fields who share a common interest in the practical application of AI technologies, especially in the field of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).

The event aims to create an in-depth understanding of the potential and applications of RAG and provides a platform for the exchange of expertise and best practices.

The opening of the event sets the scene with an introduction to RAG technology, explains its place in the current AI landscape and defines the objectives of the workshop. This initial phase serves to provide participants with a solid basis for understanding the following content.

The main part of the workshop takes a detailed look at various RAG solutions. Participants will gain insights into various RAG models and providers, including a comparison of features, costs and database options. Critically examining the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches will enable participants to make informed decisions for their specific use cases.

The practical relevance of RAG is illustrated using concrete examples from areas such as HR, marketing and sales. This segmentation enables a specific consideration of the implementation costs and the steps required to integrate RAG into existing systems and processes.

A central element of the event is the practical exercise in which participants have the opportunity to apply RAG directly. A live demonstration and subsequent group work, in which the participants apply RAG to a practical problem, will deepen their theoretical knowledge and demonstrate its practical feasibility.

The course concludes with a summary of the core content and an open discussion session that gives participants the opportunity to ask questions, discuss specific use cases and provide feedback.

The inclusion of case studies and a discussion on challenges and best practices in the use of RAG will round off the program and provide participants with valuable insights for application in their own projects.

Cooperation partner: STARTPLATZ AI Hub

Jakow Smirin
Lukas Stratmann

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