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Christin Nichols x Rette sich wer kann Tour - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

by Rausgegangen - for you.
In the organizer's words:

At Nichols' concerts, you can see how beautiful a world could look in which everyone shakes the foundations of the patriarchy together with a beer, a fag and a lot of love. Each of her live shows is a big, glittering party of solidarity. Her new album feels like an evening with your best friend when you need it most: warming, honest. Deadly fun and deeply sad. When the end of the world is over, Nichols takes everyone on her boat who wants to come along for the ride. Maybe you don't even need a safe harbor, but simply sail on together. Always in search of answers that you don't actually need. Because everything is already there.

Christin Nichols' long-awaited second solo album "Rette sich wer kann" will be released on 22.03.24 on her own label "My Own Party Records".

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