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cie. toula limnaios: la nef des fols

In the organizer's words:

the new production by cie. toula limnaios is inspired by the motif of the "ship of fools". this dates back to plato, but has become an increasingly burning theme in literature and art from the middle ages to the present day. "la nef des fols" allows us to think in different directions. it remains open as to whether the protagonists represent an exuberant society that is navigating a rudderless ship that has already lost its course, or whether they are trying to escape disaster and danger. on their journey into the unknown, subject to the paradox of total freedom and at the same time being completely trapped, they frenetically strive forward.

in an almost surrealistic allegory of the vices of our time, cie. toula limnaios searches for the community-building element in an increasingly merciless world. violence is mixed with moments of light and hope, while despite all the tragedy, there is always an underlying beauty to the poetic images.

"the journey of madness is a rigorous separation, locked in a boat from which there is no escape." michel foucault (from: "madness and society - a history of madness in the age of reason")

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