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Postponed from 11/23/2023. Tickets remain valid.
Changed admission and show times.

Finally, "The Vadda" is coming to the stage! Live and in color just an inch away.

Millions of Instagram and TikTok fans can't be wrong: The man is a stunner!
Vadda is Germany's most popular father! He's a model of his profession and a darling of the kids.
of the kids. Vadda shows how it's done! No matter whether it is about the correct grill material
or the right beer. He tells you where the hare runs long.
He explains to the hardware store employee what you really need for DIY and his neighbor
Jürgen is not spared either, of course. True to the motto "he who has, can".

Experience the adventures of Vaddas live with us at the KENT Club!

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KENT Club Stresemannstraße 163 22769 Hamburg

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