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One of Sweden's top heavy rock bands
You can probably only find something like this in Sweden: One of the country's hottest heavy rock bands hails from a town of 3000 souls. But although all three of Corroded's albums to date have reached the top 10 in the local charts, singer and guitarist Jens Westin remains modest. "When someone approaches me in a bar and asks me what I do for a living, I usually answer: some kind of professional musician."
In their home town of Änge, this doesn't happen often, because there, in the geographical center of Sweden, the members of Corroded are neither colorful birds of paradise nor superstars - they are simply inhabitants of a cozy little village. On the one hand, this fact grounds them, but on the other, it also makes their music sound like a new departure. Because Corroded want to achieve something. With their modest means, as Westin emphasizes once again: "Of course, we're not reinventing the wheel of rock either, but we try to write good songs that we and others like."
Musically, they are rooted in the seventies, when heavy rock was invented by bands like Black Sabbath. But they also have an affinity for more modern sounds. Soundgarden from Seattle, for example, left a deep and formative impression on everyone in the nineties. "We try to bring together the best of old and new," says Westin, describing his band's sound. "If you like, Corroded is where metal and melody collide." It is obvious that the name for this 'attempt' could not have been more aptly chosen (corroded = decomposed, corroded)
Corroded manage the perfect balancing act between classical and modern influences, they have an insane stage presence and, in Jens Westin, a singer who lives every line of his lyrics. It doesn't get any better than that. And the European rock and metal community should soon recognize this.
Or as Westin says modestly: "We love touring. And so far, everyone has kept coming back. Nobody wanted their money back."
The band recorded their sixth album, which currently still bears the working title "Plague", during the Covid-19 pandemic. The metallers report: "This is our very special late developer, born out of fear and boredom during the pandemic. And apart from the mastering, we did everything ourselves. Welcome to the dark soul of CORRODED. Enjoy the journey."
Singer Jens Westin reveals about the first single 'Monster': "This is one of the first songs we wrote for the album. And we wanted it to be the first single because it's a monster of a song. It's a groovy mid-tempo song that we really like to play and we hope most of our fans will love it."

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