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Das Ende der Liebe @ Noise Mobility meets Šta ima!? Festival presented by balkaNet eV

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19.-20.05. 00.00 Join the Midnight Train - Midnight concert with

DAS ENDE DER LIEBE (Cologne/Berlin)

Spacetime is the truth of being. Nothing is impossible. We exist as frequencies.

Das Ende Der Liebe - roughly translatable to "The End Of Love" - uses sounds, which are frequencies, which are us, to guide us. By tuning in, we dream. To walk the journey is to become one with it. Rebirth is a constant. Das Ende Der Liebe dreams the hofmann dream, high pitched to a 2020s version. Beat, Sounds, Void.

The improv quartet creates an exciting sound field of experimental jazz, psychedelic spheres and technoid industrial groove

Das Ende Der Liebe (DEDL for short) was founded in Cologne in 2014. The band, consisting of Andreas Völk (guitar, voice & FX), Laurenz Gemmer (prepared Yamaha CP-70 stage grand piano, melodica, laptop), Kenn Hartwig (double bass, electric bass, KW radio, circuit bending) and Thomas Sauerborn (drums), has dedicated itself to a music which combines the stringency of electronic dance music with the freedom of improvisation and a modern sound aesthetic, oscillating between the border areas of electronics, kraut and psychedelic rock through to experimental pop and abstract sound experiments.

The four musicians have roots in jazz and contemporary improvisational music / free music and have all studied music. The desire to improvise electronic dance music in this style on acoustic instruments initially led to the formation of the quartet. This quickly led to a busy concert schedule, especially in smaller clubs and at underground parties and festivals. Over time, the dogma of electronic dance music was defused, so that today DEDL moves freely through a wide variety of genres, although danceability and complete improvisation are still at the top of the list - the band has not played a composed note to date. As a result, the concert situation also has a major influence on the music; this interacts with the venue, technical conditions and the mood of the audience and can therefore vary greatly from evening to evening. Overall, the band impresses with an unusual, experimental mix of music that is nevertheless stylistically accessible to a wide audience, a strong live performance and high artistic quality.


As balkaNet e.V., we promote artistic and socio-cultural exchange in and about Southeast Europe in Munich. We are open to cooperation with like-minded organizations, artists and cultural workers and invite you to collaborate and use the resources in the Glockenbachwerkstatt every fourth Saturday of the month. Our festival strengthens the diversity of the city and offers everyone the opportunity to participate. The events are a source of new perspectives and networking opportunities. The festival programme contributes to the recontextualization of Munich's significant present by presenting artistic and socio-cultural experiences from Yugoslav history.

We present thinkers and artists, especially from Southeast Europe, who have shaped and will continue to shape European subcultural forms of life and teaching. The overarching theme of the festival emphasizes the bridging function between historical development and the current situation in Europe and the world. Our aim is to initiate learning processes and promote a dialog about common values and challenges. The cultural actors actively address topics such as violence, populism and nationalism, particularly in the context of the EU elections.

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Bürgerhaus Glockenbachwerkstatt Blumenstraße 7 80331 München

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