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Das Kind träumt

Theater Theater Kinder & Jugendliche Jugend (ab 14 Jahre)
In the organizer's words:

Translated from the Hebrew by Matthias Naumann

"Who gives life? Who kills? Who laughs with me? Who laughs at me? All the melting-flowing faces as in a dream - where is the face of daylight?" That which was unimaginable a moment ago happens: Soldiers invade rooms and dreams in the middle of the night. The child, who has just been sleeping gently, is forced to flee from his home. Mother and child board a ship that is supposed to offer them protection, but find no safe harbor. Along the way, they look into the various faces of humanity; generosity and malice, hope, powerlessness and loss stare back at them. Mother and child seek asylum, fight for their right to life, ask for help and appeal to the solidarity of the people they meet. And always accompanying the child is the question: is this reality or a bad dream?

"The Child Dreams" is inspired by the real-life story of the ship St. Louis, which set out from Hamburg in 1939 and sought asylum in Cuba from the horrors of Nazism, was rejected and forced to return to Europe. In 1993, Israeli playwright Hanoch Levin, with dark humor and in the Brechtian tradition of defamiliarization, presents flight and expulsion as universal experiences. At the same time, he explores the power of theater to provide solace. Together with a large ensemble, director Alexander Riemenschneider gives shape to the (dream) images of the present determined by flight and war and anchors them in Levin's allegorical narrative.

Nominated for the German Theater Award DER FAUST 2023 in the category Production Theater for Young Audiences and for the IKARUS Theater Award 2023 in the category Youth Theater.

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3.00 - 14.00€


Theater an der Parkaue Parkaue 29 10367 Berlin

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