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I dream of a mountain with water on it. Like a cap of snow on a roof in winter, there was a deep blue layer of water on the mountain. A kayaker was traveling in it.

Fascinated by the idea of social dreaming, SEE! Kollektiv invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world of the unconscious and the imaginary. It is a world in which everyone can change, transform, be something or someone else. The performers Anja Müller and Clara Marie Müller move in this world between dream and reality. Dream images are the fuel with which they map the space. In a democratic stage space, the performers weave dream fragments from their own and other people's dream recordings into a choreographic landscape. They double up, mirror each other, amplify, dissolve and gather together. Gradually, they make the stage space glow, accompanied by trance-like live sound from Maria Wildeis. The sound artist and DJ installs sensors in the room that transform the performers' movements into digital sounds and intoxicating beats. It pulsates. The room changes. It glows! Above it all is a consciousness, that of the dreamer. The stage space becomes a fragile but spectacular place. Here it seems possible to emancipate oneself from the ideologies of our reality. The audience is invited to take a seat on this imaginary carpet and let themselves fall for a moment into a space of their own unconscious. Trigger warning: dreams take place.


German, English

Concept, direction, choreography

SE Struck, Alexandra Knieps

Choreography, performance

Anja Müller, Clara Marie Müller

Composition/ live sound

Maria Wildeis

Scenography, Costume

Isabelle Marie Lange

Outside Eye

Johanna-Yasirra Kluhs


Lisa James


Fabian Eichner, Ansgar Kluge


SEE! Kollektiv, Annalena Berger (transmissions GmbH), apricot production, Nadine Freisleben

With dreams by

Walter Benjamin, Lina Bo Bardi, Pedro Calderón de la Barca, Lisa James, Peter Licht, Anja Müller, Clara Marie Müller, Meret Oppenheim, SE Struck

A production by SEE! Kollektiv in co-production with Ballhaus Ost. Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste, Ministry of Art and Science of the State of NRW, Kultursekretariat NRW, Cultural Office of the City of Cologne.

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Alte Feuerwache Melchiorstraße 3 50670 Köln

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