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DEKKER / USA - Verlegt in den Zoom Club Frankfurt

You cannot miss this event.
In the organizer's words:

American singer-songwriter Dekker made a splash in 2020 with the songs from his debut album "Slow Reveal: Chapter One". "This Here Island" and "TheLove" were on rotation on several major US folk playlists and radio stations in Europe. The album even entered the US college charts at number 70 at the end of December. In August 2019, Dekker embarked on an artistic journey of discovery. By writing and releasing his debut album "Slow Reveal: Chapter One". Writing and releasing song by song, he was able to explore its possibilities and scope again and again.

In spring 2021, five months after "Slow Reveal", Dekker released "Small Wins", the first single from his second album "I Won't Be Your Foe" (release date: May 20, 2022). Shaken but not beaten by the depression and hysteria of the pandemic, Dekker worked diligently on this album. Thanks to the experience of "Slow Reveal", Dekker knew what he wanted right from the start. Together with Berlin-based drummer Stefan Wittich (TELE) and Zach Hanson (mix for Bon Iver, The Staves, Whitney, among others), Dekker was able to produce a coherent and clear indie-folk album.

Brookln Dekker, the American half of the Anglo-American indie-folk duo Rue Royale, is now on the road solo under his last name Dekker. Brookln was also the main songwriter for Rue Royale, but wrote on behalf of the duo from a collective perspective. Dekker is Brookln's most personal and hopeful project to date.

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Price information:

VVK: 20 € + service and VVK fee / AK: 26 € / standing room


Brotfabrik Frankfurt Bachmannstraße 2-4 60488 Frankfurt am Main

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