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Deniz Utlu // Lesung

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About the book "Father's Sea":

Yunus is thirteen years old when his father suffers two strokes and is from then on almost completely paralyzed. He can only communicate through eye movements. He is cared for by Yunus' mother for ten years, first in a home, then at home, before he dies. And Yunus, who has moved out of his parents' home to study, repeatedly recalls images from his childhood: experiences and conversations with his father that he sometimes didn't even know he still had inside him. They combine to form a warm-hearted portrait of a man who laughed in a loud voice or cursed in Arabic, who was often absent and easily irritable, and who once left Mardin near the Turkish-Syrian border for Istanbul, where he witnessed the military coup and finally arrived in Germany on a cargo ship.

Vaters Meer tells of a stroke of fate that affects an entire family, of a father-son relationship that ends abruptly, of migration and belonging. Deniz Utlu traces the unexpected paths of life as well as of memory. His novel is a testament to the power of storytelling - which is most evident when language is the last thing left.

Tickets in the VVK 8€ & at the AK 12€.

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8 € plus VVK fees

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