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Der Menschenfeind

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In the organizer's words:
German by Jürgen Gosch and Wolfgang Wiens Alceste loves Célimène, but the courted young widow stalls him. Impatiently, he goes to her house to hear her make a clear confession. There he meets friends and rivals, women who favor him, and a society that comes and goes at court and whose formal manners he rejects as mendacious and hypocritical. Alceste is known to all: a strenuous character, clever, witty, wealthy, and full of hatred for a world to which he belongs as it belongs to him. He lashes out, hurts with words, preaches unconditional truth, uncompromisingness, and escapism. Probably The Misanthrope is Molière's most autobiographically influenced play. Arriving at the court of Louis XIV, clear-eyed and seducible and succumbing to a woman 21 years his junior, Molière knew that nothing is more comic than man in the vortex of his weaknesses. The famous comedy writer saw through the mechanisms of the court and its hierarchy of power. On the other hand, he knew about man's natural egoism and saw the need for a social contract. But what would such a contract optimally look like? Awarded the Friedrich Luft Prize 2020 Invited to the Berlin Theatertreffen 2020 Invited to the Hamburg Theater Festival 2020 This content has been machine translated.

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3.00 - 48.00€


Deutsches Theater Berlin Schumannstr. 13 a 10117 Berlin

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