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In the organizer's words:

"Someone must have slandered Josef K., because without him having done anything wrong, he was arrested one morning." Franz Kafka's character Josef K. is deeply confused by this, but is at least allowed to continue living his life as before. K. goes to work, but now in the knowledge that he is a prisoner; he meets up with his lover, knowing in the back of his mind that a trial awaits him, but how this will take place remains a mystery to K.. He plunges deeper and deeper into the world of the law and the court, together with its servants and employees, become more and more a part of his life. In the end, K. is sentenced and the sentence is carried out. Whether Josef K. was guilty and what crime he was guilty of remains unmentioned. Franz Kafka's third, unfinished and posthumously published novel has been interpreted in many ways: as biographical, politically visionary or even humorous. The surreal bureaucratic labyrinth that increasingly catches up with the main character and in which Josef K. loses himself - without seriously doubting the accusations against him - offers director Pınar Karabulut and her team plenty of material to get to the bottom of questions of power and powerlessness, guilt and innocence.

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