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Reclaim Beauty! For children aged 9 and over and adults

Based on an idea by the theater consultants: Eleni Karagiannis, Mariam Ismail, Gloria Asare | With: Brenda Alaís, Hannah Kowalski, Alexandra Owusu, Sibylle Peters, Christopher Weymann | Costume: Tanja Gwiasda | Music: Sarife Afonso

The Theaterberater:innen, a group of children with international family histories, suggest new projects to the theater once a year. One such project is the Schönfühlsalon. Because it starts around the fourth grade - the trouble with beauty - and then never really stops.

We have spoken to many children and adults and they all often feel less than beautiful. For example, they feel too fat, too old, too pimply, and much more. Why is that actually the case?

Racism, sexism, ageism* and ableism** have something to do with it. Beauty is a market where a lot of money is made, and that also contributes to the shortage. Because if we all felt beautiful all the time, we wouldn't be sold beauty products.

What can the theater, what can performance do to make us all feel more beautiful?

That's what we want to find out in the Schönfühlsalon. We invite school classes and families, children and adults to let themselves be pampered for 150 minutes in the Schönfühlsalon: with cooling sleep masks, paw slippers and cuddly caves, with games and dances, with talks and fantastic guest artists and experts.

Together we try to push the feel-good meter up: Will we manage an outburst of collective beauty, or would we perhaps prefer to be allowed to be ugly?

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Price information:

8 € child 10 € adult 7 € group


FUNDUS THEATER Sievekingdamm 3 20535 Hamburg

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