Die Blume der Hausfrau

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One-off special event

Hygiene, your own home and a fabulous electric helper. As messengers of cleanliness, the vacuum cleaner representatives Massimo, Salvatore, Angelo, Maurizio and Steffen try to sell the dream of cleanliness to housewives in and around Stuttgart day after day, with varying degrees of success. Suddenly, the fight against dirt becomes a fight for survival: if you don't sell anything, you don't earn anything. And that not only damages their own morale, but also their team spirit.

Dominik Wessely's documentary The Housewife's Flower was a flawless cinema hit in 1998. With Italian charm and Swabian situation comedy, the provincial tale about five salesmen on the road in the land of the sweeping week provides insights into the bizarre everyday life of a salesman and the tough billion-dollar business of skillfully sold cleanliness. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Die Blume der Hausfrau is now returning to the big screen in a restored version! A timeless story about German values and an absolute cult film not only in Swabia!

Germany 1998; Director: Dominik Wessely

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Cinéma Roßmarkt 7 60311 Frankfurt am Main

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