Die Köln-Show: Jeder Mensch kann Kölner werden- in nur 90 Minuten

In the organizer's words:

Cologne is the most beautiful city in the world. At least that's what the people of Cologne say. And they should know, after all, they live here. What makes the people of Cologne so happy? Cologne's very own philosophy: Kölsch! Kölsch is beer, dialect, attitude to life ("Jeföhl!") - and much more! Kölsch is spoken and sung, celebrated, lived and celebrated. The most beautiful thing about it : Everybody can become a Cologne citizen - in this special show in only 90 minutes!

Why are the people of Cologne the happiest people in the world? Why is there always more celebration in Cologne than elsewhere, and what's the best way to join in? What must you experience in Cologne and what should you beware of? Robert Griess, multiple award-winning Cologne cabaret artist, created this insane show! Either he himself, actress and comedian Kerstin Kallewegge or Cologne acting veteran Hagen Range do everything to make you feel dat Kölsche Jeföhl for one hour: Klüngel, Kölsch & Carnival! Do laachste disch kapott!!!

Kerstin Kallewegge is a charming Cologne native with a notorious mouth.
In addition to acting, Hagen Range is also a member of the ensemble of the Stratmann Theater in Essen and the ensemble of the Bonn alternative carnival session Pink Punk Pantheon.

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Senftöpfchen-Theater Große Neugasse 2-4 50667 Köln

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