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Die Legende des Zauberriffs 3D

In the organizer's words:

Three friends with a mission - the answer lies in the stars
The clumsy reef fish Shorty lives with his clever sister Indigo and the daring sawfish Jake in a colorful coral reef. When the huge trawl net of a fishing trawler devastates their home, they set off in search of a new home. Their adventurous journey takes the trio from inhospitable ocean depths to distant moons in our solar system. They encounter exotic creatures, become entangled in dangerous plastic waste and face their worst fears. Will they succeed in finding the legendary Magic Reef - an untouched and hidden underwater landscape without any humans?

Entertainment with educational elements
THE LEGEND OF THE MAGIC REEF 3D is a story full of humor and fantasy for the whole family that conveys a clear message about the great importance of the oceans for our planet. It is based on the film SHORTY UND DAS GEHEIMNIS DES ZAUBERRIFFS by Peter Popp, which was awarded the rating "particularly valuable" by the German Film and Media Rating (FBW).

With DIE LEGENDE DES ZAUBERRIFFS 3D, director Popp has created another imaginative and colorful excursion into the world of the oceans. The curious fish Shorty in particular knows how to inspire young viewers with his zest for life. The 3D film's animations are finely crafted down to the smallest visual detail and captivate the audience. Personalities such as Hannes Jaenicke, Emilia Schüle, Veronica Ferres and Andreas Bourani lend their voices to the lovingly drawn characters.

New friends and experiences await the adventurous fish trio on their excursions - but also great dangers, especially from us humans. The fish girl Indigo asks herself: "What kind of creatures are you, you humans? "You're part of nature, but you've forgotten it." This statement runs like a common thread through the all-round film experience, alongside all kinds of funny and instructive experiences.

A coral reef is a delicate structure. Even the smallest changes put it in danger and the garbage dumped in the oceans is a serious threat to this wonder of nature. It is high time that people took care of it so that fish like Shorty can continue to swim around in the sea undisturbed for a long time to come.

"The further we look into the cosmos, the clearer the uniqueness of our blue planet Earth with its oceans becomes. An intact 'Spaceship Earth' - a world worth living in - is the most important thing we can give our children for the future," says Prof. Thomas W. Kraupe, Director of Planetarium Hamburg. "As part of the 'United Nations Decade of Sustainability', the Hamburg Sternentheater, in collaboration with RENN.nord, is therefore focusing more than ever on our planet. We currently have several events on our program that are dedicated to Goal 14 of the initiative: 'Preserve the oceans and their resources'. We want the audience to immerse themselves in our oceans, experience their wonders up close and realize how important and worthy of protection they are for all of our lives."
FSK 0, recommended from 6 years.

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