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Die Nährstoffgeschichte

Theater Kinder & Jugendliche
In the organizer's words:
Never again a chocolate crisis. Candy debate. Cookie conflict! Parents and all educators are familiar with the discussion about (un)healthy food. The crux of the matter: children often don't know why exactly something is good for them - or not. "The nutrient story" explains it. Funny, at eye level ... and without pointing fingers. In 45 minutes, filled to the brim with gags and hands-on activities, kids of daycare and elementary school age experience with their family, group, clique or class how the nutrients around Vitamin Deee use their super and magic powers to defeat the nasty Lady Schrottsky and thus save a farm festival. To do so, they have to solve a "Frischi" kitchen puzzle, find a secret passage and finally outwit the sugary-fat villainess and her dino-dogs.

The play is based on the successful book "Die Nährstoffgeschichte" by Maren Bucec and Carmen Eder, which was written with the help of numerous experts from the fields of nutrition, education and pediatrics and has been available since spring 2023. This content has been machine translated.

Price information:

7.00 - 10.00€


Prime Time Theater Müllerstraße 163 13353 Berlin

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