PHOTO: © Andreas Wittman

Die Nowak

In the organizer's words:

Their melodies between chanson, pop and indie throw lightning bolts into your heart and leave you with trembling knees, ready for more.

A rain-soaked city. Nowak enters the fog-shrouded stage of the shrillest and most worn-out club on the Kiez. A quick glance and her razor-sharp gaze transforms even an audience of wild-eyed hoodlums into well-behaved little lambs. She strums the keys like a diva from the Golden Twenties. Her voice sounds like hot mulled wine on silk pyjamas.

In this hour, she transforms gravel gardens into flower meadows, heals old lovesickness and finally takes you dreamers away from Neverland. With a painful bite to the mind, her music cuts through the jungle of consumer society like a resounding chainsaw and uncovers the truth about the state of our world.

Die Nowak are different, idiosyncratic and a little eccentric, but that's what makes their music so fascinating. When she's on stage, you can't help but be carried away by her energy and charisma. Her debut album "Steinige Grüße von der grenzenlosen Wiese" was finally released on May 19.

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Price information:

16,32 €


Die Wohngemeinschaft Richard-Wagner-Straße 39 50674 Köln

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