In the organizer's words:

King Krax is tired of ruling the land of Abholzhausen. There are too many crises to deal with: Climate change, pandemics, inflation, wars. His cunning chief inventor, Megapfiffikuss, has persuaded the king that he can escape his worries by traveling into space. Lunatick, the king's daughter, is supposed to take care of the outstanding problems. However, she has no intention of taking on her father's thankless tasks and flies into space instead. The destination of their journey is the mysterious Planet 9, which, to everyone's surprise, is already inhabited by Ninurians. Communication between earthlings and aliens turns out to be a real problem. It doesn't help that Megapfiffikuss is also pursuing his own plans for power: The greatest treasure in the entire universe is said to be hidden on Planet 9, which Megapfiffikuss wants to win for himself at all costs ...

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Opernhaus Dortmund Platz der Alten Synagoge 44137 Dortmund

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