Die Stachelschweine - „Steglitz, wir haben ein Problem!“ - Wie Berlin zum Mars flog

In the organizer's words:

As one of Willy Brandt's successors, a man named Kai Wegner, said: "Berlin belongs in the top 3 in the world!". Hence:
Local visionaries from Berlin are now planning the big coup!
The Americans and Russians have so far failed to do this, as have the Chinese and Indians and, most recently, Elon Musk:
Under the leadership of a former BVG coordinator, Mars is to be colonized!
The Berlinonauts: Selected by lot. The rocket: With heat pump. The goal: A Mars Commune 1 without discrimination, without exploitation and finally affordable housing! A bold project. In the end, highly ambitious politicians meet Berlin climate protectors, extroverted artists and philosophizing allotment gardeners. But foreign secret services are also called into action. Will mastermind Dr. Franziska Giffey go down in history? And how will the Bavarians react to the Berlin Senate's plans to finance the 50 billion project costs via the state financial equalization scheme?
The STACHELSCHWEINE's brand new cabaret program: subtle, mean, pointed, fast-paced and with music.

By: Frank Lüdecke and Sören Sieg
Performing: Santina-Maria Schrader, Heike Ostendorp, Robert F. Martin
Director: Marcus Kaloff

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Renitenztheater Stuttgart Büchsenstraße 26 70174 Stuttgart

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