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Josy, the 12-year-old daughter of the well-known psychiatrist Viktor Larenz, disappears without a trace under mysterious circumstances. There are no witnesses, a body was never found. Years later, Viktor is asked by a magazine for an interview. He retreats to a lonely island in the hope of finally finding himself again and being able to face the story once and for all. Unexpectedly, he receives a visit from the young author Anna Spiegel, who suffers from delusions and asks him to treat her. She claims to have visions of a girl who has disappeared without a trace. There are clear parallels to Josy in her descriptions. Do her hallucinations have something to do with the girl's disappearance? After much hesitation, Viktor begins therapy with Anna. But what he sets in motion exceeds his worst nightmares... This content has been machine translated.

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21.00 - 39.00€


Berliner Kriminal Theater Palisadenstraße 48 10243 Berlin