In the organizer's words:
Interactive exhibition in open format
for children aged 6 and over and adults
The new children's theater is more sustainable than the old theater in Hasselbrookstraße. However, storage space is scarce. After more than 40 years of figure and object theater, the basement had become a collection of strange things. The painful question arose as to what should go and what should not. And what about the abundance of things that we encounter every day? Things that break, laugh at us, prompt us to do something or burden us? Can that go away?

"The Gathering of Things" takes children and adults on a journey of discovery with things of their choice from our collection. At interactive stations, the possibilities of the chosen things can be elicited. Their properties are explored and a new collection of things is created on stage.

The abundance challenges the question of the sustainable use of things. Ideas emerge as to how supposedly useless things can still be used. And it's not just adults who find themselves caught between "wanting to have" and "limited capacity". At the beginning of their lives, everyone starts anew to make things their own - to decide - and to surround themselves with things that mean something.

A catalog will be published to accompany the exhibition.

Ideas & concepts: Tine Krieg & Sylvia Deinert I Realization: Tanja Gwiasda, Gyde Borth, Christopher Weymann, Sylvia Deinert, Alexander Nham, Jan Gwiasda, Frank Helmrich, Tine Krieg, Nicolas Wolf, Christian Hilgers and others I Film: Hanno Krieg I Sounds: Tanja Gwiasda I Photos "Things": Gyde Borth

As part of our open family program. Admission free of charge, can start at any time.

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FUNDUS THEATER Sievekingdamm 3 20535 Hamburg

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