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Songs and texts from the pub from Kurt Tucholsky to Udo Lindenberg

Unemployment and housing shortages, the threat of war and populism, inflation and economic crisis - if you read the political poetry and essays of the 1920s and 30s, they seem astonishingly topical and contemporary. It is usually light and humorous, full of linguistic wit, gallows humor and pessimism, and has often been set to songs, making it popular to this day. In a typical pub atmosphere, regulars and revolutionaries, flaneurs and lovers come together. A revue with poems and aphorisms by Erich Kästner, Walter Mehring and Kurt Tucholsky as well as songs by Friedrich Hollaender, Hanns Eisler, Hildegard Knef and Udo Lindenberg. And many others. "We're all on the same train", wrote Erich Kästner in 1927, but also: "Time drives a car. But no one can steer."

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