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DIKKA is back! After the debut "Oh Yeah!" the rapping rhinoceros released his second album "Boom Schakkalakka" on 26.8. And on it there's again a lot of wild, cheeky and funny songs for strong kids - and also for their parents! Wait a minute: The album is called what?! "Boom Schakkalakka"? That's right, heard correctly: "Boom Schakkalakka"! That's hip hop slang and a phrase you say when something really cool has happened. Maybe that's why you get in a super good mood just by saying it - and it gets even better when you listen to the album.

DIKKA doesn't let the rhino party go on alone, but of course has lots of buddies and pals with him again! On "La Bamba", for example, DIKKA and Alvaro Soler celebrate a superdupermega party with an extra-long polonaise - with everyone, really everyone: The family and friends, the gang, the crew and the clique. Whether red fur, silver scales, tusks or no tusks, small, large, spindly or round - everyone is invited to make a real rah-rah.

For refreshment, it's off to the ice cream parlor, where DIKKA and Nico Santos fill their wafers and cups with plenty of scoops of vanilla, chocolate, blueberry and strawberry cheesecake to super cool breakdance beats. Afterwards, DIKKA and Kool Savas pay a visit to the "Candy Shop" to enjoy a mixed bag with lots of sour tongues, chewy candies and licorice. And then: Chew well, swallow - so that the mouth is free again - because with "Ich pfeif drauf" DIKKA has made a guide for the perfect trilling and chirping of the very finest mouth music.

Speaking of mouths: For the title track, DIKKA gets support from singer Wincent Weiss. He has a last name that is also a color - for example that of freshly brushed teeth. That's why in "Boom Schakkalakka" the two talk about how great it actually feels to walk through the world with freshly brushed teeth. A good-humored cleaning party from the front incisor to the last molar - to dance along with and, most importantly, show your teeth.

For "Meine Freunde" DIKKA teamed up with Deine Freunde and together they made a song about, of course, friendship. After all, what could be better than someone with whom you can share everything, with whom you can fight and get along again, who is always there when you need him? In case you're tired after all the buddy action, DIKKA and Lena sing a lullaby with "Ich bin immer für dich da". After "Superpapa" on the last album, "Supermama" is now a hymn for all cool and strong moms - together with Shirin David. She's not a mom herself, but she has a pretty great one and therefore knows exactly what she's rapping about.

With "Happy", DIKKA and Luna explain from the children's point of view what it's all about and what adults often lose sight of: Simply listen to your heart. Because that's how you can do anything - and above all, become happy. In "Du gehörst dazu" (You belong), DIKKA and Elif reveal a secret: you don't have to decide at all whether you want to belong here or there. After all, we are all one and all our hearts speak the same language. No one should feel left out. Because we are all part of a great big whole, to which really everything and everyone belongs - and if you tell each other that over and over again, everyone immediately feels a little more loved. A song with which DIKKA and Elif skillfully build a bridge between young and old and even cultures.

By the way, behind DIKKA is Simon Müller-Lerch a.k.a. Sera Finale, one of the most successful German lyricists. The Berliner began his career as a rapper, then formed the duo Keule together with Claus Capek, before turning primarily to songwriting from 2011. As a writer, he celebrated his first successes starting in 2009 with Culcha Candela's triple-gold album "Schöne Neue Welt" and the song "Monsta," which sold millions of copies. As a co-writer, Finale was also involved in number 1 hits such as "Je Ne Parle Pas Francais" by Namika and "Astronaut" by Sido and Andreas Bourani.

For the latter, he was awarded the German Music Authors Award for the most successful work in 2017 and 2019. He received a total of 50 gold and over 30 platinum records for his work for various singles, albums and Best Of albums. To date, he has had 23 Top 10 singles and 77 Top 100 singles on the worldwide charts. Fourteen number one albums and three number one singles are among his greatest achievements. On the side, he was a lecturer for creative writing at the Private Art University BTK at Potsdamer Platz from 2008 to 2015.

In addition, he worked in recent years on the songs and albums of artists such as Udo Lindenberg, Helene Fischer, Mark Forster, Deichkind, LEA, Adel Tawil, Shirin David, Johannes Oerding, Wincent Weiss, Sido, Yvonne Catterfeld, Die Fantastischen Vier, Casper, Marteria, Vanessa Mai, Andrea Berg, Capital Bra, Alle Farben, Mike Singer, Silbermond, Michelle, Beatrice Egli. Furthermore, he contributed several songs for the children's films "Hanni und Nanni","Wendy" and "Vier zauberhafte Schwestern", including the singles for each of the films. He has also just translated "Hamilton", the most successful musical of recent years, from the original English into German.

The idea for DIKKA came to Sera Finale when he was listening to music for children with his daughters - and it too often sounded far too condescending instead of being at eye level with the target group. Together with his daughters, Sera Finale set out to change just that - and on top of that, after years of, as he himself says, "fixing feelings for adults," found a new life task and a heartfelt topic in equal measure. Namely, planting new ideas together with children, watching them grow and getting lots of love back in return.

As DIKKA, Sera Finale performed with his daughter at the "Sound of Peace" peace rally at the Brandenburg Gate on March 22, 2022. The festival was attended by hundreds of thousands of people and streamed on television and the Internet to millions. On "Children's Rights Day," DIKKA released the song "Ihr kriegt uns nie mehr klein" (You'll never get us down again) together with artists such as Massiv, Wincent Weiss, Cro, Kool Savas, Nico Santos, Alvaro Soler, Lotte and Annett Louisan. The proceeds of the song go to Unicef. And DIKKA is of course rhino ambassador for NABU!

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