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Dinosaurier - Die Urzeit lebt!

In the organizer's words:

Discover how birds learned to fly and how whales and lizards learned to swim. Find out how dinosaurs communicated with each other and how they were able to grow into such giants. Find out why our gardens and streets are still teeming with dinosaurs today.

On over 850 square meters, the permanent exhibition answers exciting questions about the life and evolution of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. Immerse yourself in a world full of strange yet familiar colors, sounds and life forms. See how palaeontologists in Westphalia are constantly finding rare fossils and what is possible today to breathe new life into fossilized bones.

What did dinosaurs, swimming dinosaurs and the like look like and how did they live? Where does the knowledge about prehistoric animals come from? There were no humans who could have observed them eating, hunting or rearing their young. And today all that remains of them are fossilized bones. But researchers can draw conclusions about animals of the past by observing animals of today, because the present is the key to the past.
Only by comparing the forms, lifestyles and behaviors of animals living today is it possible to interpret the often puzzling and sometimes even bizarre remains of extinct creatures and reconstruct the life of earlier times on our planet.

In order to take account of the numerous current developments in palaeontology, the principle of actualism was therefore chosen as the leitmotif for this exhibition.

Marvel at gigantic animals or look deep into the eyes of the dreaded Tyrannosaurus rex. Observe the "egg predator" Citipati, an Oviraptor relative, as it broods or touch a dinosaur egg yourself. There is a lot to discover.

In addition to a large number of skeletons, models, specimens and real fossils, interactive media, animations and films provide exciting variety. Take advantage of the many opportunities to take part in the interactive activities and gain your own experiences. Be prepared for surprises!

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LWL-Museum für Naturkunde mit Planetarium Sentruper Straße 285 48161 Münster

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