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You cannot miss this event.
In the organizer's words:

On 18.07. we can celebrate a nice classic summer dodo with you.
We're bringing a big load of Berlin, indie, garage-rock-punk, NDW-avantwave you name it into the house.

► Donkey Kid (headliner)
► Torn Palk (support)
► Jenne
► Achtermann & Lazerhaze

The concerts start in the garden. Donkey Kid is probably one of the most up-and-coming German indie artists and producers from Berlin, who has quickly made a name for himself with his catchy melodies. With a sound reminiscent of classic Beatles songs and 80s synthpop, Donkey Kid's music is both nostalgic and fresh at the same time. With five bitter-sweet indie miniatures, "Distant Shouts" showcases Donkey Kid's exceptional songwriting talent and confidently tackles the challenges of our post-pandemic present.

The party starts, the journey continues, as you can see, with Torn Palk at the aftershow at Tanzhaus. Long a mystery, now a band. After four albums since 2017, the journey has only just begun for Torn Palk. The four Tornys roll through diverse musical landscapes without losing sight of the beauty and chaos around them. In the spirit of Krautrock, Torn Palk combine what normally cannot be combined. Post-punk with ambient, grunge with psychedelic and noise with silence. As exciting as the journey to Atlantis. Welcome.

The act is supported by local heroes in the essential sense. Jenne has probably heard and played more records than we can count. She flies the flag for gloomy darkwave, fresh new wave and dusty indie. She has seen the inside of pretty much every club in the Rhine-Main region and will round off the evening.

Lazer & Achter make the start #nohate.

We look forward to seeing you.

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Milchsackfabrik Gutleutstraße 294 60327 Frankfurt am Main

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