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Abgesagt | Doppel X - Die Female Comedy Show

In the organizer's words:

Double X - The Female Comedy Show

Straight outta Garten Eden starts the new show "Doppel X" in the big cities of Germany! NEGAH AMIRI and MARIA CLARA GROPPLER go on tour together and set the stage for more great stand-up comediennes and their best-of material. Trust us...a woman's life in the 21st century is pure comedy gold!

This tour is a tribute to all the token women. Since there's just too much talent for just one woman per comedy show, we've upped the quota to 100% in our show!

Double X chromosomes - double the awesome jokes.

Everything here is oversized - except our titties.

Get double the tickets now and bring your favorite genetic material. No matter if XY or XX chromosome, everyone is welcome!

We look forward to seeing you <3


Laura Bruemmer
Christiane Olivier
Lena Liebkind
Larissa Magnus

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Price information:

27,89 €


Park-Terrassen Aachen Dammstraße 40 52066 Aachen


Talbahnhof Eschweiler Köln

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