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This time Dotan didn't take quite so much time. There were seven years between his breakthrough and double platinum album "7 Layers" with the two hits "Home" and "Hungry" and the follow-up "Satellites". Now it's only three years until the third - or if you count the self-produced "Dream Parade" fourth - record is just around the corner: In September, "Diamonds In My Chest" was released, the first foretaste of the still untitled work. In the song, the Israeli-Dutch artist combines the sound of the two predecessors. If on "7 Layers" still dominated the rather classic songwriting and the acoustic guitar, "Satellites" but was carried more by the poppy sound and electronic sound. With the new track, he returns a bit to his golden early years, when his album was on the Dutch hit parade for over three years, and keeps it pleasantly simple: a guitar with a brisk tempo accompanies the theme, which is then supported by drums throughout and complemented by synth fanfares. Dotan sings over it with his haunting falsetto voice. The result is a pleasant folk song that will probably go as steep in the charts as "Hungry" did back in the day. The 36-year-old has perfected his sound with it and one can be curious which pearls are still waiting for us in the near future. In any case, Dotan has already confirmed that he will come to us on tour next April.presented the concerts of kulturnews, event. and -

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22,00 € plus fees


Helios37 Heliosstraße 37 50825 Köln


prime entertainment
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