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Dr. Pop - Hitverdächtig (ständig aktualisiert)

In the organizer's words:

Questions? Then you can reach us here: 040-555 6 555 6.

And that's the point:

Can you seriously do a doctorate in pop music? Yes!
And what do you do with it? A music comedy stand-up show.

Dr. Pop is the doctor of music. He treats with music samples and fascinating music facts. In his live program "Hitverdächtig", Dr. Pop deciphers which music can save a party, a relationship and even a life.
The audience gets amazingly funny answers to questions such as: Why do termites bite through wood twice as fast when they listen to heavy metal or: why do ten people sit at a laptop on a hit song these days and not one on a guitar?

Dr. Pop fires off samples of familiar and new hits from the history of music - from hip-hop, rock, pop, schlager and classical to jazz. Dr. Pop makes it audible: there is the right hit for every situation in life.

Hitverdächtig - The music comedy stand-up show for everyone who loves music or wants to start.

Dr. Pop studied media studies and pop music in the four pop music capitals of the world: Manchester, Liverpool, Paderborn and Detmold. He then completed his doctorate on the topics of terrorism and orientalism in pop music at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He was under police protection for six years. He initially thought it was because of the explosive power of his theses, but it was because Angela Merkel's private apartment was door to door to his music institute.
Dr. Pop performs on stage, produces videos and can be heard as a weekly columnist on RBB's radioeins with the column "Dr. Pop's recording studio". The column was nominated by the Grimme Institute jury for the German Radio Prize in the "Best Comedy" category. His radioeins stage show "Dr. Pop's Consultation Hour" takes place regularly in Berlin. He is on tour throughout Germany with his solo program "Hitverdächtig".

Press reviews:

"Dr. Pop is the inventor of pop cabaret" (Kölner Stadtanzeiger)

"Markus Henrik, who now fills the country's larger comedy halls as Dr. Pop, once again proves to be a great addition to the evening. With the help of a mysterious control box full of colorful buttons, he plays little films and music snippets and finds victims in gangster rapper Capital Bra and folk song rocker Andreas Gabalier, who are a delight to poke fun at." (WAZ)

"Anyone who can rewrite Donna Summer as a Schuhplattler must have attained higher academic consecrations in musical terms. For the comedian who calls himself Dr. Pop, this is indeed the case, which is why his numbers are as clever as they are funny." (Westdeutsche Zeitung)

"It's a pleasure to go to this consultation: Dr. Pop!" (WZ, Düsseldorf)

"Dr. Pop is a master at rewriting pop songs." (Deutsche Welle)

"Dr. Markus Henrik shows that a lot is possible for young artists in his guest appearance as Dr. Pop. The musician with a doctorate is celebrated." (RuhrNachrichten)

"Kidnapped into the highly comical world of music: Dr. Pop." (Lübecker Nachrichten)

"Dr. Pop takes the audience on a humorous journey through the musical landscape." (Wolfsburger Nachrichten)

"The doctor of musicology rocks the stage. Dr. Pop takes on life-saving, or rather: the musical accompaniment to a cardiac massage. "Stayin' Alive" is a good choice, as it has the right rhythm. "Time to say goodbye", on the other hand, is not so recommendable. The highlight is Dr. Pop's hip-hop song "Wir haben WLAN-Ausfall, und das in dieser Woche schon zum zehnten Mal". He rapped from the soul of the audience suffering in this regard." (NRZ)

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Price information:

toll-free at 040-55565556 or by e-mail Vvk at


Alma Hoppes Lustspielhaus Ludolfstraße 53 20249 Hamburg

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