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Translated from English by Stefan Wipplinger

Together you're less alone, especially when the world outside is coming apart at the seams. Frances, Jon, Angie and Joey, four lovable loners who work voluntarily for the "Brightline" telephone counselling service, come to this conclusion. Despite all their differences, they find each other: The empathetic Joey, who is a gift to those around him; the dreamy, understanding Angie; the detached but equally emotional Jon; and the pregnant, ever-optimistic Frances. Every Tuesday night, they lend their ears to strangers and do their best as a team. While storms rage outside and the power goes out, the four teeter on the edge of their own personal crises. Their hopes and fears become entangled as they desperately try to make the helpless callers feel that everything will be okay.

Sam Steiner's lovingly drawn characters improvise their way through the small and large catastrophes of everyday life in episodic snapshots with snappy dialogues and plenty of humor. And even when everything gets out of hand, one thing is certain: hope dies last.

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