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Eaten up by Nothing … with Lilies at my Feet • Les filles désir

In the organizer's words:

As part of her Love is Enough concept (her long-term solo performance series), choreographer and dancer Andriana Seecker worked with drama students (2nd-6th semester) from the Freie Theaterschule Berlin on a series of solo performances. She took movement and dance as her starting point. They are brought together to form a collective work in which each solo is embraced by the warmth of the group.

The content of this evening is as colorful and individual as we humans are.

And a small insight and journey into the process of finding and experimenting with their artistic language through their bodies rather than their words.

Excerpts from the process:

Maimouna Sow 5th semester: "Sometimes, when I listen for too long, I feel restricted in my freedom. My thoughts move, my body searches for ways out..."

Marie Sophie Lading 4th semester: "I find myself between loneliness and togetherness, between connections and separations. But I believe I am exactly where I belong. Find & love yourself. It's all good, don't worry!

Yael König 2nd semester:" Dancing means being FREE. It means giving space to your feelings and desires and merging with the rhythm of the music. It's not about living up to the expectations or ideas of others. It's simply about sharing what I want and can do."

Yanek Fulda 2nd semester: "A deeply searching look emerges from the big red flash above the face. Unconditional love flows out into the world through the hands. As they have already done, I turn to my feminine side.

An evening in 2 parts:

  1. Part: Eaten up by Nothing... with Lillies at my feet.

by and with: Mohamed Kanj Khamis (6th semester), MArie Sophie Lading (4th semester) and Maimouna Sow (5th semester)

artistic direction: Andriana Seecker

  1. Part: Les filles désir

by and with: Yael König, Janek Fulda, Rouz-Mari Atanasova, Rea Peristeri, Nade Katar Ennada (2nd semester)

Artistic direction: Andriana Seecker

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Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Linienstraße 227 10178 Berlin

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