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Ausverkauft | Edward II. Die Liebe bin ich

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Edward II is heir to the throne of the English kingdom after the death of his father. But instead of devoting himself to the state and its affairs, Edward II brings his lover Gaveston back to his side from exile, showering him with attention, desire and, above all, love - and thus antagonizing the nobility, the state, the church and his own wife, Queen Isabella. So Isabella seeks advice from Lord Mortimer and forges a plan with him. The high noble peers fuel the intrigue in the hope that politics and the state will revert to their supposedly rightful order. And meanwhile, the military threat from France to England seems increasingly acute.

Austrian playwright Ewald Palmetshofer has transcribed Christopher Marlowe's posthumously published drama of the king, making it more concise and condensing it with his radical poetic language. He moves the battlefield of history into the private sphere and makes love absolute.

In the opening production at the Box, director Jessica Weisskirchen explores questions of masculinity, love and power. What is the value of love? What does it mean to radically oppose one's own desire to state power and religion? And to what consequence should one fight for love? In Edward II. Love is Me, a web of intrigue, interests, power, uncompromising violence and defeat emerges, at the end of which a young prince will rise to power.

Following the performances of September 23 & October 1, 2023, you can expect in the Box:

Touch Now! The other audience talk

Get off your chairs, into the set and behind the scenes! What does this place feel like? Is it wood or cardboard? What materials were used? Do you sweat in latex pants? And how does the fog actually work?

Bring all your questions with you, because together we're going to the place where it all happens: on stage. And first and foremost, you have the floor! Share your impressions, observations and thoughts with us, the team of Edward II. Love is me is here for you and ready to answer your questions.

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