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Electroamore im Unter Deck mit MYKI, RDLF, DJ FM & DJ FREUND

You cannot miss this event.
In the organizer's words:

Electroamore at Unter Deck. With MYKI & RDLF & DJ FM & DJ FREUND & you. Wednesday, 24.4.24, 8 pm. Free admission.

Under the ultra-sucked-up motto "Music is the key", we hereby officially invite you and all your friends to our techno & electro party at Unter Deck.

If you can't make it for whatever reason, please cancel in advance by sending a fax to 08932964984.

And remember: Electroamore at Unter Deck = full show from 8 pm, no opening act only headliners.

The artists:

MYKI has been on the decks since 2023. She wanted to create a sound that you can fully experience. The feeling when you realize how the sound takes over everything, how everything around you stands still for a second.

Endless possibilities to create a place where you can lose yourself for a moment. MYKI has developed a love for driving rhythm and moving emotion.

The artist does not commit herself to any genre, the main thing is that she feels the music. However, she found love in the sound that combines hypnotic and raw hard groove, a mixture of switching off and feeling alive again.

MYKI has been heard and seen at venues including Goldener Reiter, Harry Klein, Bahnwärter Thiel, Kammerl Club... MYKI has been playing regularly at Garry Klein in the Rote Sonne since 2024.

RDLF, an up-and-coming techno producer from Munich, has made a name for himself in the electronic music scene. With his passion for music and talent for production, he has built an impressive biography.

His journey started early when he began producing his own tracks and immersing himself in the sound of techno. His style is characterized by energetic beats and driving rhythms that make the dance floor shake.

But what really sets his music apart are the emotional breaks that create a deep connection with his listeners and make his tracks an unforgettable experience.

Through hard work and dedication, RDLF has managed to attract the attention of some prestigious labels. He has released on well-known labels such as Reload, Renesanz and Amsterdam Techno Records, expanding his reach in the scene and making his music accessible to a global audience.

With each new release, RDLF brings a breath of fresh air to the techno scene and shows his talent for innovative productions. His tracks are played by DJs worldwide and his performances are always a guarantee for an unforgettable night full of pulsating energy and emotional moments.

RDLF is undoubtedly one of the rising stars of the techno scene and his influence is sure to grow in the years to come.

DJ FREUND plays more melodic, DJ FM more minimal, more rhythmic. That's the standard answer to the question of how the two Electroamore residents differ in terms of sound.

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Unter Deck Oberanger 26 80331 München


Electroamore München

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