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In the organizer's words:

In Music Transitions, the Ensemble Ultima Rara presents the influence of American (post-) minimalism for the European region. In selected works, this newly emerging multi-stylistic approach illuminates the transitions between live and non-live performance by means of tape. Further stations include works such as Christoph Reiserer's Nummer, the jazz-influenced Moonscape by Jan Järvlepp, Betsy Jolas' tonally balanced Èpisode Septième Nightaway and Christian Dieck's motivic Zwei Intermezzi. A highlight is Rzeweski's work Attica, in which the fixed notation opens up in favor of improvisational parts for the individual instruments.

Christoph Reiserer (*1966): Number (1999)

Betsy Jolas (*1926): Èpisode Septième Nightaway (1988)

Christian Dieck (*1982): Two Intermezzi

Jan Järvlepp (*1953): Moonscape (1993)

Javier Alvarez (1956 - 2023): Temazcal

Lowell Liebermann (*1961): Soliloquy op 44 (1993)

Frederic Rzeweski (1938- 2021): Attica (1974)

Ivana Zahirovic-Nègrerie (flute), Patrick Stableton (percussion), Robert Mallisch (guitar, electric guitar), Brigitte Helbig (piano), Carl Rumstadt (speaker)

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Price information:

Reduced price for schoolchildren, students, students, rectners, people with a certificate of eligibility.


Schwere Reiter – Tanz Theater Musik Dachauer Straße 114a 80636 München

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