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It's rattling in the box
by Dita Zipfel and Finn-Ole Heinrich

Anyone who thinks Heike is an ordinary firefly is very much mistaken. Because Heike is a firefly with a mission: she wants to be able to fly! Even her best friend, Robert-Robert the frog, won't let nature tell him what to do. He has completely changed his eating habits for Heike's benefit and now eats a vegetarian diet. The two of them make a great team and would certainly go on to achieve great things. If only they hadn't suddenly found themselves in this awkward situation, trapped in a cardboard box with the strange (and disgusting!) fly Honolulu Jacques, called Jack.

Our new children's theater production gets to the bottom of highly philosophical questions in a fun and child-friendly way. Guaranteed family fun, where adults can finally be children again!

For schools, we offer a follow-up workshop on the subject of friendship on request.

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