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Eure Mütter - Fisch fromm Frisör – Die neue Show!

In the organizer's words:

The madness continues!

EURE MÜTTER present their brand new show "Fisch fromm Frisör" - a comedy program so bold that it leaves its T-shirt on in the pool!
Andi Kraus, Don Svezia and Matze Weinmann have been touring all over Germany for over 20 years and have shaken the foundations of many a cabaret temple in the process.
With their eighth program, EURE MÜTTER once again delight their audiences with their unique mix of funny songs, bizarre sketches and absurd performances, for which you simply need specialists like the three men in their black

"Fisch fromm Frisör" is an incredibly varied show, full to the brim with precisely crafted performances and spot-on punchlines. No topic is foreign to the trio, all phenomena of daily life are artfully jacked up for an evening.
Their YouTube channel now has over 60 million views and anyone who knows them from the internet knows that they are really funny.
But only those who experience them live can really feel what a rousing
"Fuck, yeah!!!" event a EURE MÜTTER stage show is.
"Fisch fromm Frisör" offers two hours of never-before-seen comedy - freshly washed, gutted and twisted. A famous critic recently compared the three comedians to a good bottle of red wine. Not because they get better and better with age, but because he thought it would be a shame if they were simply carelessly tipped into a pot of goulash.

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Theaterhaus Stuttgart Siemensstraße 11 70469 Stuttgart

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Eure Mütter
Eure Mütter

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