PHOTO: © Stephan Bögel

Expedition Tirili

Theater Kinder & Jugendliche
In the organizer's words:
For our "Expedition TIRILI" we usually travel light and without an elaborate stage set to the daycare centers of Berlin and Brandenburg. Now the "Expedition TIRILI" also makes a stop in the rank foyer of the Deutsche Oper Berlin for a few play dates and invites you to experience the sounds on the sand-colored carpet and on brightly colored seat cushions.

Children are a great audience: open, curious, enthusiastic. They miss neither curtain nor orchestra pit and have no fixed idea of how an audience should behave. They are born explorers. And two musicians accompany them on their musical-theatrical voyage of discovery. Together they ask themselves: How are sounds created? What is music made of? Who or what is this mysterious TIRILI?

For "Expedition TIRILI" we worked together with children from the Kastanienallee daycare center in cooperation with TUKI. In the run-up to the project, we experimented with sounds and themes at the daycare center. This process flowed into the development of the production. This content has been machine translated.


Deutsche Oper Berlin Bismarckstr. 35 10627 Berlin