PHOTO: © Dennis Albrecht

Filmabend: "verschwundene Hamburger Kinos"

In the organizer's words:

What is cinema? What was cinema in the past? What is cinema today? These were the questions Hamburg filmmaker Dennis Albrecht asked himself as he sifted through material he had been collecting since a project idea in 2008. Since then, he has repeatedly taken cameras to movie theaters that no longer exist. He shot commercials, short films or events in the GRINDEL, STREITS, RIALTO and SAVOY and many other Hamburg movie theaters. In these thus also personal perspectives we see many places of film culture that have disappeared.

The filmmaker goes on tour with this documentary and wants to ask where cinemas existed and what they meant to the audience. Feel free to share memories after the film and bring photos. We are looking for anecdotes! In addition, other works on the subject of CINEMA will be included in the program, such as "Der Bildwerfer" by Elmar Podlasly and "Kalifornien hat kein Kino" by Josef Wutz. Cinema fans, cinema directors and cinema filmmakers will have their say, e.g. Hark Bohm with a foreword or the actress Maria Fuchs.

Documentary, 61 min
Germany 2008-2023

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Admission: 19:00

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Pony Bar Allende-Platz 1 20146 Hamburg

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