In the organizer's words:


Florian Severin shows his best tricks (or what he thinks they are) that have sprung from his perfectly coiffed head over the last twenty years.

It's a rollercoaster ride of good humor with ...

- incredibly mystical mega-miracles
- scary monsters from old sweaty white films (which are suddenly colorful in real life)
- terribly boring card tricks
- annoyed AIs who think they are the better magicians
- and the usual Russian roulette with diving goggles, mousetraps and steel nails that smash into eyes.

Just the normal magic show that you like to enjoy on Sunday mornings alongside breakfast television.

About the person:
Florian Severin has been performing magic since elementary school. He passed one of these last week. Since then, however, he has performed in China, France, Norway, England, Switzerland and now even in Bochum. He is the author of several books that have been translated into English, French and Japanese.
A mentalist, suggestor, manipulator, magician and card enthusiast. Award-winning and honored, with real prizes and self-awarded ones.

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SUITE MAGIC THEATER® by Amila Harpener Feld 11 44805 Bochum

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