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FOUR BLACK LUNGS & friends - Album Release Show

In the organizer's words:

The five-piece formation FOUR BLACK LUNGS from Munich makes American punk rock, inspired by bands like "Hot Water Music", "The Menzingers", "Iron Chic" and "Spanish Lovesongs".
The band was founded in August 2019 by Matze (guitar, backing vocals), Maatzn (drums), Ferdi (bass) and Max (vocals) to make English-language punk rock with a hint of Gainsville. All four members have been active for years in bands such as "Antilope", "Urbaner Verschleiß", "Mitote" and "Human Shadows".
FOUR BLACK LUNGS presented the music video for their single"Norfolk" back in March 2020. Despite the challenges of the Covid lockdown, the band used the time creatively to write new songs, which have since been released as singles and in an exciting video trilogy.
In November 2022, FOUR BLACK LUNGS went on tour through northern Germany for the first time to present their energetic stage presence to a wider audience.
With the release of the single"Recovery" in September 2023, on which Ameis takes over the vocals, the band makes a powerful statement. The second single "Old Patterns", released in November 2023, also makes a clear statement in a society that is moving further and further apart. The two singles are the prelude to the debut album, which will be released on vinyl via the Noisy Plastic Records label in spring 2024. (Source: band info)


WORST ADVICE are in the same pop-punk tradition as bands like "The Copyrights" or "The Creeps". Lyrically, they are dedicated to the dark side of life, to feeling alienated without becoming whiny. On the contrary, they celebrate this feeling at gigs such as the "Booze Cruise" festival in Hamburg and the "Fest" in Gainesville, Florida. It's all wrapped up in beautiful songs, enriched with plenty of harmonies that will have you singing along at every moment! Want some advice? Keep your eyes peeled for the new record coming in 2024! (Source: Bandinfo)

And out of nowhere came FINE AND GREAT. Part of various bands and genres for years, these three came together for a new project: to share their love for emotional music with roots deep in punk rock. Or whatever people call this kind of music these days. It can be hard-edged and raw, but with such passion as a driving force that you almost want to burst. And so do the vocals. The whole sound does. FINE AND GREAT celebrate the beauty of emotion. No more, no less. (Source: band info)

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Price information:

B.O.: 15 Euro


Sunny Red Hansastraße 41 81373 München

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