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a co-production with studiobuehnekoeln

The funfair is back in town.
You are dazzled by the lighting of attractions of all kinds as you stroll tipsily across the fairground. In fact, you don't rate rides where you risk déjà vu with your last meal as overly fun, and the height of the Ferris wheel, which has probably been erected and dismantled 250 times, arouses feelings of suspicion rather than anticipatory amusement.
The strange combination of people buzzing around the light like moths is slowly but surely starting to make you nervous and you question whether it was really the right decision to taste the remaining mushrooms from your desk drawer just moments before.
Suddenly you are faced with a façade of less obtrusive color. The well-intentioned, albeit bunglingly realized grimaces unexpectedly arouse your interest.

"DARK RIDE" is a performative examination of our tendency towards voyeurism, our addiction to intoxication and our fear of the arbitrariness of life.
Dadaism, comedy and the omnipresent darkness merge into a different kind of ghost train.

Do you dare to take a ride?

The actors are:
Lasse Classen, Nicolas Folz, Alice Janeczek, Anna Rödiger and Josephine Wirtz.

With DARK RIDE, we are translating the FreAkademy format to the theater stage.


1st semester students of the University of Cologne have free admission - please send us a reservation email to kontakt@freakademy.de.

Address: Vitalisstraße 314, 50829 Cologne

Directions: The best way to get there is to take the S19 in the direction of Sindorf to the Müngersdorf Technologiepark stop. From there it is only a 2 minute walk.

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Außenspielstätte Technologiepark Vitalisstraße 314 50829 Köln

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