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A miracle story of the fall of the Berlin Wall I A theatrical city tour based on the children's book by Hanna Schott I Adapted by Katja Lehmann

Fritzi remembers: What happened in her home town of Leipzig in the fall of 1989? - After the summer vacations, everything is suddenly different. Fritzi's friend Sophie is no longer there and at home her parents whisper about suddenly absent friends, the borders, escape, freedom and the Wall. From now on, Fritzi's mother goes to the St. Nicholas Church on Monday evenings to pray for peace and then to the demonstration. And Fritzi is there!

Based on Hanna Schott's children's book "Fritzi was there. Eine Wendewundergeschichte", audiences aged 8 and over experience a theatrical city tour from a child's perspective to the Leipzig sites of the Peaceful Revolution of 1989. Participants meet Fritzi, take sound journeys through time, become active themselves and learn how much courage and determination people mustered in 1989 to bring about a major social change.

Performance rights: Klett Kinderbuch Verlag Leipzig

Attention! The theatrical city tour FRITZI WAR DABEI always starts at the DenkmalWerkstatt in Leipzig's city center: Grimmaische Straße 13-15, 04109 Leipzig (Hansahaus/ Passage Specks Hof). It takes place open-air and in all weathers, as there are always sheltered locations along the way. Depending on the weather, please remember to wear rainproof clothing or sun protection and headgear.

The events are free of charge.

Registration in advance via TDJW ticket sales is essential (0341. 486 60 16 /

A cooperation between Theater der Jungen Welt and the Peaceful Revolution Foundation as part of the project "Freedom and Unity Monument in Leipzig"

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