PHOTO: © Sangharsh Lohakare via unsplash

Gene - Vielfalt des Lebens

In the organizer's words:

Unimaginably small and minimalist and yet so complex and diverse - genes shape everything that lives. The special exhibition "Genes" provides a unique insight into the world of genes on around 850 square meters.

Genetic topics such as mutations and genetic engineering are currently on everyone's lips and also generate a lot of confusion and uncertainty. But what exactly is a gene and what is behind terms such as epigenetics? These and many other topics are presented in a generally understandable way in the exhibition. The special exhibition explains interactively and inclusively what genes are, how they influence the appearance and behavior of all living things and how genes can be changed by external influences. In addition to the milestones of genetics, the exhibition focuses on points of contact with genes in everyday life and epigenetic influences.

Through the combination of media technology and architecture, visitors travel into the microcosm of the cell, where our genetic material is stored, and discover the diversity of life.

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LWL-Museum für Naturkunde mit Planetarium Sentruper Straße 285 48161 Münster

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