PHOTO: © Burkhard Neie

Generation XY ungelöst

In the organizer's words:

A conflict as old as mankind...

What times! No matter where you look: There are divisions and rifts everywhere.

One conflict is as old as mankind itself: old versus young, young versus old.
And they clash mercilessly: baby boomers rage against
generation Z, traditionalists have nothing to do with millennials and the youngest generation
generation Alpha is desperate because it doesn't yet know exactly who it is against.
who they have to be against.

And some are asking themselves: Which generation am I actually? What if I
like wearing beige at 18 and think Horst Lichter is good? What if I'm 70 and make Tik-Tok
videos and play first-person shooters at 70?

How good it is that Doris and Torsten exist. Because these two prime examples
the generational conflict where it belongs: to the extreme.
Doris (70), has lived happily and well on her own until now, but now little Torsten (40)
has been kicked out by his girlfriend and children and has been forced to move in with
Doris. And it's been five months, during which time it still hasn't been decided,
who has what everyone must have today: The right.
But as soon as the gun smoke in the generational battle has briefly cleared, you can see
common views and values here and there that don't fit the generational
generational cliché. True to the motto: I am so often shocked,
how old people my age are!

with Jessica Kosmalla & Claudiu Marc Draghici
Written & directed by: Michael Frowin
Co-author: Johannes Rehmann
Musical direction: Jochen Kilian

A co-production with the cabaret "Die Oderhähne" Frankfurt/Oder

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Theaterschiff Hamburg Holzbrücke 2 / Nikolaifleet 20459 Hamburg